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OMICtools® - finding a needle in a haystack

Feature OMICtools

Launched in August 2013, OMICtools® constantly centralizes and categorizes new and existing bioinformatics tools via manual curation led by a team of data scientists. The platform provides researchers with a timesaving solutions to democratize bioinformatics by offering a practical and accessible work environment, dedicated to biological data analysis.

OMICpipes® - using artificial intelligence to design tools pathway

Feature OMICpipes

Researchers generally need logical sequences of tools, called “pipelines”, to get answers from their biological data. As the AI-based layer of OMICtools®, OMICpipes® uses big data, user experience and machine learning to automatically provide optimal pipelines for specific needs.

OMICloud® - running biological analysis in one click

Feature OMICloud

Once researchers found the right tools pathway with OMICpipes®, OMICloud® offers a one-click-to-use feature to run and save complex analyses. This powerful cloud-based environment avoids the need for strong IT skills as well as the necessity to invest in costly hardware.

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