The omicX methodology

The ongoing digital revolution is generating dramatically increasing volumes of data. With trillions of octets to decipher, humans can no longer handle this amount of information by themselves. omicX addresses this challenge using unique technology based on artificial intelligence to sort, organize and translate massive and complex data into actionable knowledge.
omicX methodology

A three-fold approach to extract meaning from informational content

  1. We collect, analyze and model computational analyses developed and implemented by researchers.
  2. We determine optimal and best practices in big data analyses.
  3. We use artificial intelligence-based methods, along with mapping and exploring combinatorial methodology.

A global reference in the bioinformatics market

Understanding how biological systems work and evolve is a goal which millions of researchers worldwide are striving to achieve. The huge amounts of data being generated in biological systems every day, offer an enormous opportunity to better understand, predict, correct or rationally influence living organisms. Extracting meaning from the informational contents lying in biological datasets is a major challenge and is the key to leverage the transformative power of biology in our society. As a result, we have seen an exponential growth in the number and range of bioinformatics tools available to handle these biological big data. Today, researchers must choose among over 100,000 databases and software tools to exploit their data, with 1,000 new tools available every month.

omicX decided to harness the exponentially growing collective intelligence in bioinformatics and to leverage it to exploit biological Big Data for novel applications in biotechnology, life science, medecine, agriculture and industry.

Our fast-growing company has become a trusted leader and global reference in bioinformatics with users from world leading universities, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and the biotech industry.